Full Stack Engineer

Do you thrive on working independently at a steady and deliberate pace to achieve project success? Are you looking for a position where your success is measured on your direct code and infrastructure output? Do you approach each project with an eager will to troubleshoot and follow up? Are you someone who will work with others, but prefers to function alone? If left alone in a room with nothing but a computer and a pot of coffee, will you end up coding the world's next great application?


Full Stack Engineer


We are looking for a Full Stack Engineer to join the Fort Capital team. The ideal candidate strives on execution and staying in a factual, strategic environment as much as possible.

Are you curious about everything with a tendency to want to learn the nuts and bolts? Are you ready to work unceasingly at “fixing” whatever is wrong? Do you excel when you can deliberate on tasks and are given thoughtful, sincere reviews of your accomplishments? Do you prefer a single-task environment where you can do what you are best at?

If you have a matter of fact communication style, if you are excited to create a brand-new web application for Fort Capital, if you are going to use your creativity to create an outstanding new product for our company—let’s talk.

  • Successfully delivering a new, marketable web application.
  • Creating a product that enables the company to increase its operational efficiency.
  • Using a combination of proven technical skills in modern web development.
  • Writing code and executing on a vision in which the details are filled by the engineer.
  • Bringing development best practices to the work you do for Fort Capital, including continuous integration, version control, testing, code review, and more.
  • Reporting directly to the Director of Technology with self-direction throughout the day.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, or related, or equivalent work experience.
  • 5+ years of experience working in the software industry and on development teams.
  • High competency in JavaScript, React, and Kubernetes.
  • Competency in widely available database platforms such as MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis.
  • Experience working on cloud-based applications, specifically SaaS, and multi-tenancy environments.

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