Finding Your Passion and Making It Your Career

“I don’t really believe in laziness. I believe those people just haven’t found something they like to do.”

– Chris Powers


I don’t really believe in laziness. I believe that people have not found something they love to do. Even when you think of the stereotypical lazy person, it’s a teenager on the couch playing video games all day. Well, they’ve been doing it for ten hours straight pretty intense. They’re not out running laps around a field, but damn, they can play video games for ten hours.

Think about something in that realm, because clearly you love to do it. You’re not really lazy in the sense of you’re putting ten hours straight into something, can you make a career out of that? If the answer is just absolutely not, keep finding a way to incorporate it. Alternatively, going and doing a job that you don’t really like to basically raise enough money so you can play video games every night, you are back to living half of a life. That’s where work-life balance comes in. I have to balance this out because I don’t like this very much, so I have to have an ending point so I can get to what I like.

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