The FORT Podcast: James Beshara (Part 2)

In Episode 10, Chris and James Beshara sit down for part 2 of their conversation. James is the former Founder of (acquired by Airbnb) and former Airbnb exec. They discuss motivating as a leader, dealing with layoffs, negativity in the media and the importance of how you spend your time.

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02:06 — What are some of the things that might get in the way of living a life of laughter?

08:33 — How Failure Breeds Friendship

13:23 — Story of Laughter on One of the Hardest Days

17:32 — “How to Lay Off 30% of Your Staff and Get Hugs”

35:20 — A Positive Thought About Laying-off in Tech

38:20 — How the Fundraising Process is Similar to Lay-Offs

41:11 — What are the kinds of things that the people who came back asked you?

51:14 — Journalism and Reviews on Business Leaders

57:51 — What needs to happen to get journalism back to the center and more factual?

1:09:08 — Do you agree with what Peter Thiel did to Gawker?

1:13:52 — The Length of the News

1:19:09 — Network Theory

1:24:19 — Choosing What Leads Your Conversations

1:28:14 — “Breaking” News

1:29:40 — What is a topic or area of your life that you think or talk a lot about?

1:38:39 — Spirituality and Time

1:44:00 — James’ New Year Ritual


James is a San Francisco based start-up investor, founder of and former Airbnb executive. Born and raised in Dallas, James has always had a knack for founding companies and has become a full-time angel investor since leaving his position at Airbnb. He also is the host of his own podcast: “Below the Line with James Beshara.” 

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