The FORT Podcast: Jason Baxter (Part 1)

In Episode 2, Chris sits down with business partner and friend Jason Baxter. They discuss the city of Fort Worth and its future, personal insights on success and growth, as well as advice for people looking to pursue their passions. Jason discusses how his focus and personal discipline helped him grow Fort Capital into what it has become today.

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00:51 — Jason’s Background

01:29 — Why Real Estate?

08:11 — How did you realize that you wanted to get out of sales?

11:30 — Chris and Jason’s First Experience Working Together

13:10 — What is the narrative around urban infill in Fort Worth?

17:13 — What are the things that are currently challenging about urban development in Fort Worth? What needs to change to make it easier to develop?

24:41 — How is technology driving the future of Fort Worth and other cities?

29:00 — Why is Fort Worth the “Land of Opportunity?” Where do you see the biggest opportunities here?

34:49 — Where did you learn about culture? Why is it important?

42:00 — What is something a leader can do to start the discussion about culture?

44:39 — What are some things that are exciting to you about the future?

51:40 — Jason’s Mindset about Controlling His Choices

55:25 — What advice would you give your 21-year old self?

59:09 — What defines success? What are some of your goals over the next ten years?

1:01:47 — What is your favorite quote?

1:02:52 — Is there anyone that you enjoy learning from?

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