The FORT Podcast: Jason Fox

In Episode 7, Chris sits down with Jason Fox, former NFL player and founder of Earbuds. They discuss the process of starting a tech company, building an app, life in the NFL and meeting Warren Buffet.

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After six years playing professional football for the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions, Fort Worth native Jason Fox founded EarBuds, the first social-focused music-sharing platform. Fox plans to distinguish EarBuds from other music players in the App Store by investing in live listening and his network from his NFL days — future users can expect to be able to jump into live sessions with professional athletes and musicians just as easily as they can with their friends. Based out of Austin, Texas, their team is working toward a fall 2018 launch for iOS.

Before starting EarBuds, Fox received his MBA from the University of Miami in 2016, and he now regularly speaks on business development for former athletes. He was interviewed by Forbes in April 2018 for “From Athlete To Entrepreneur: An Interview About Why The Tech Industry Attracts So Many Sports Stars,” and served as a panelist for Fordham University’s pilot MBA program targeting artists and athletes.

EarBuds is a social, shared-listening app designed to bring people together over something they love: music. More than just a music player, EarBuds partners with existing Spotify and Apple Music libraries to offer users the unique ability to curate playlists and “go live,” broadcasting their music selections in a real-time session joined by their friends and followers. Founder Jason Fox’s Austin-based team plans to develop features to enhance the app’s social and listening experience, making EarBuds the go-to app for music lovers.