How to Hire Strategically

“Go hire someone that will make decisions and it quickly resets the tone of everybody else.”

– Chris Powers


If you have a company that there are decision-makers and risk-takers, but as the company grows, let’s assume you were at a company where maybe you had a lot of people that were capable of doing it, but they just weren’t doing it. Well, go hire someone that will start making decisions and it quickly resets the tone with everybody else.

That’s the great part about a growing company and hiring talented folks time after time. If you look at it as this is the best thing that could happen for me, I can learn, I can watch what other people do, it’s huge. If you ever look at those things as, “Oh no, somebody that maybe has more talent or has been doing this longer is coming. What does that mean for me?” If that’s your initial reaction to something like that, you’re so far off from the beginning. It should be more like, “This is awesome. Look what this is going to do for me. This is huge.”

I think that’s baked into our culture. If you are about yourself here, at this point you wouldn’t make it in here, we would catch that in an interview, but if something happens where somebody starts caring more about their own self than the success of the team, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

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