The FORT Podcast: Ayesha Selden – Building a Real Estate & Equity Empire, Owner of

Born and raised in South Philadelphia to a single mother, Ayesha is now a multi-millionaire in Stock, Real Estate, and as a Franchise Business Owner. As an Economic Activist, she encourages everyone to invest their money in themselves and their neighborhoods.

On this episode, Ayesha discusses her upbringing and how she was able to escape poverty through Real Estate, and her goals of helping others do the same. She and Chris discuss her RE philosophy, how she manages her assets, the impact of the past 18 months, her #1 message: “Own some shit” and much more. Enjoy!

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(02:17) – Ayesha’s Childhood in South Philadelphia and Career Background

(10:19) – Entrepreneurship By Hook or By Crook

(11:12) – Trial and Error: Money Management

(13:55) – “You gotta own some shit”

(16:39) – Thoughts on Gentrification

(21:10) – Mud to Millions

(24:55) – How did money play a role in the broader community growing up?

(29:33) – What do you mean when you say “change your mindset” when talking about money?

(35:44) – How Ayesha Built Her RE Portfolio

(41:24) – How do you think about Cash Flow & Appreciation?

(44:20) – The Social Impact Mindset When Setting Rents

(46:22) – Ayesha’s Online RE Deal in LA and Goals in California

(52:44) – Ayesha’s Annual Net Worth Review & What’s Next

(59:38) –  Thoughts on NIMBYism and Affordable Housing

(1:01:34) – What has the last 18 months taught you about the world?

(1:06:16) – How can FORT listeners spread the Mud 2 Millions Message?

Mud 2 Millions Book

(1:06:54) – Do you have a morning routine?

(1:07:31) – What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

(1:08:06) – If you had a billboard for the world to see, what would you put?

(1:08:22) – How can people find you?



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