Fort Features: Fort Capital Investor Guide

At Fort Capital, we are driven to provide exceptional returns to our investors and stakeholders, while also delivering the best experience possible. In doing this, we provide consistent communication throughout a deal’s lifetime.

Driven by full transparency, here is a sneak peek into investment with Fort Capital.

Requirements to Invest

The first step in becoming an investor with Fort Capital is completing an initial survey to ensure our minimum requirements are met:

1. All investors must be U.S. citizens. At this time, Fort Capital cannot accept investors located outside of the United States.

2. The minimum investment for each deal is $50,000 (unless otherwise approved) along with a 5% equity maximum per individual.

3. Investors must be approved by the SEC as an accredited investor. For more information on how to confirm your status, click here.

The Onboarding Process

Once a potential investor meets our initial requirements, they will complete a secondary application, which includes information regarding if they’ve invested before, their investment vehicle, how they discovered Fort Capital, additional contact information, and more.

If our Investor Relations team determines the potential investor is mutually a good fit, they will receive an introductory email containing our confidentiality agreement, as well as more information on our onboarding experience. Investors must confirm their interest in investing with Fort Capital at this stage.

The Investment Process

Once onboarding is complete, investors will, at Fort Capital’s election, receive offering memoranda via email for upcoming deals as they are available. The offering memorandum includes a property summary, reasons to acquire, risk factors, projected returns, and other items. Offerings tend to fill up in a matter of days, and typically even hours. Unless otherwise approved, we have a first-come-first-serve basis on all offerings.

Once an investor has reviewed the investment offering and decided they want to invest, the investor submits a commitment via email. After the investment offering is full, a confirmation receipt will be sent along with a transaction timeline that shows them what to expect in the coming weeks.

Next, legal subscription documents will be sent through Juniper Square. (First-time Fort Capital investors will set up a Juniper Square account at this stage).

Capital will be called approximately 2 weeks prior to closing. When the transaction officially closes and funds, a closing notification will then be sent.

Juniper Square Overview

All subscription documents and investment information can be accessed through Juniper Square, our platform for investment management. Once enrolled, the platform offers secure access to documents such as current and previous year K-1s, offering memoranda, legal subscription documents, and recent email communications from our Investor Relations team.

You can learn more about Juniper Square on Episode #138 of The Fort with Chris Powers podcast featuring ‘Syndication 101’ or Episode #37 with Brandon Sedloff, Managing Director of Juniper Square.

After Investing

Most deals begin monthly distributions within 3-6 months of close, but this varies by investment. In addition to monthly distributions (based on asset performance), investors will be informed about their respective investments through quarterly reports. Quarterly reports can feature, for example, updates on the investment’s performance, projected return metrics, leasing, capex, and tenant improvement allowances.

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