How To Work At Being A More Positive Person

The glass is either half empty or half full—this is often how we describe whether someone is an optimist or a pessimist. Most people throw these phrases around when describing themselves or someone else as if it’s “just the way it is” or simply who we are. However, the human brain is very susceptible to outside influences and can easily fall into patterns of either negativity or positivity based on who or what it is surrounded by.  

It’s important to understand that we DO have a choice to either be positive or negative, and the challenge is how we control the outside influences that shape the way we think and feel about our ourselves. More importantly, how do we let our actions effect those around us?

“Success breeds success, and failure breeds failure”. Experiencing a ‘success’ creates a confidence that builds on itself and allows individuals to achieve more. In turn, it fuels the individual to have more successes. Now, this in itself does not keep someone from being influenced by negativity and becoming a ‘glass half empty person’, but it can help us feel more positive about what we are doing. When people experience failure, they often times fall into negative thought patterns that unknowingly put their mind in a place that accepts that failure is likely to happen again. However, much like the fact that a success does not guarantee positivity, failures do not guarantee negativity within an individual.  

The key here is: What mindset are you in when you have a success or a failure? If you are surrounded by negative influences that cause you to feel more negative than positive, you are very likely not going to be able to build on your successes the same way a positive person would. If you are surrounded by negativity and you experience a failure, it will almost certainly inflate the failure and only drive you deeper into negativity.

However, if you choose to surround yourself with positive influences, a powerful thing happens. When you experience a failure, you are more likely to view this as a learning opportunity and get better from it! I believe this to be the most powerful tool in choosing to be a positive person.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself: Do my actions and attitude effect the people around me in a positive or negative way? If we understand that we can be influenced by others, either negatively or positively, then it is equally important to understand how we are effecting those around us. Additionally, if I know that a positive attitude can influence those around me in a way that can foster an environment of success, then is it is only logical that we have the power to be successful by making sure we are effecting those around us in a positive way.

When we choose to surround ourselves with positive people and we are also positive, an amazing thing happens—that sphere of positivity begins to grow! This positivity will ultimately lead to more success for you and those around you. Far more important than the successes will be the failures that are encountered along the way within this sphere of positivity. You will be supported and encouraged to move forward and break through barriers you never thought possible!  

The moral of the story? You are the sum of the people and things you are surrounded by, and you have the choice about who and what they will be.  

– Jason Baxter

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