The FORT Podcast: Alex Snodgrass

In Episode 15, Chris sits down with Alex Snodgrass, Health & Wellness Blogger/Influencer with over 475k followers and founder of The Defined Dish.

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3:00 – Alex’s Journey
7:12 – ┬áBecoming an influencer
10:20 – Family Life as an Influencer
14:45 – The Importance of Being Yourself
19:04 – The Whole 30 Diet
22:53 – The Future of Food
24:52 – Partnering with Brands
31:18 – How Metrics Matter
33:44 – Influencer Agencies
37:02 – Monetizing the Influencer Business
40:22 – Food and Your Mind
46:20 – Setting Goals
48:22 – Mentorship
51:47 – Technology and Influencer Content


Alex Snodgrass is the food lover, health enthusiast, and founder of the popular blog and social media outlet The Defined Dish. Alex is a recipe developer and food stylist from Dallas, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. Alex graduated from Texas Christian University where she studied Political Science and History, which have absolutely nothing to do with what she does today. Her recipes use clean ingredients that are known for being simple, easy, and full of flavor.

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