The FORT Podcast: Andrew Farah

Andrew Farah is the CEO of Density, which helps reduce space waste and optimize a building’s occupancy with its combination of people sensors and people counting software.

On this episode, Chris and Andrew talk about space utilization and how Density has built its mission around helping people make the most of their leased spaces. Andrew discusses how the company came about with his 5 other co-founders, what kind of data Density provides its users, thinking of the office as a product, and the future of office work as we leave the pandemic. Enjoy!

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(02:58) – Andrew’s Background and What Lead Him to

(04:52) – The Dynamics of Having 6 Co-Founders

(08:40) – When was the moment you all decided to turn this into a full-time business?

(13:39) – What are the types of things that cities or building owners would want to know where this tech is applicable? 

(16:55) – The Efficiency Problem of Real Estate

(25:44) – What has Density built to tackle this massive problem?

(27:33) – What types of data are you seeing on the dashboard?

(30:18) – Do Landlords love you or hate you?

(33:07) – How do you get to where you are using a space ‘better’ than it was designed?

(35:25) – How long is the data relevant to the user?

(37:47) – Using Data to Negotiate Leases

(40:31) – Is anyone using this data in real-time or are we looking back on past data?

(43:18) – What are some of the ways that businesses are poorly using space?

(46:36) – What does 38% utilization vs. 100% mean?

(48:25) – Thinking of the Office as a Product and Not a Static Thing

(51:38) – What is the state of the office and have you heard what office will look like over the next couple of years?

(57:34) – Is space utilization just as important for other asset classes?

(1:00:12) – How can people get in touch with you or Density?

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