The FORT Podcast: Ashton Gustafson

Ashton Gustafson is a highly sought-after public speaker, nationally recognized Realtor, artist, musician, poet, and amateur cosmologist—in a pursuit to becoming more. He sits down with Chris to discuss the importance of making your life about “less”, the benefits of reading, teaching what you learn, and the power of enneagrams and personality testing in the workplace.

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02:18 — Ashton’s Journey
05:30 — Did you have a moment of clarity that led you to something ‘better’?
07:25 — Making Your Life More and More About Less and Less
10:09 — 3 Hinges of Suffering in Life
11:45 — Ashton’s Path to Public Speaking
16:10 — Benefits of Reading, What to Read, and How Often to Read
18:27 — Learning from Real Estate Companies and Its Impact on Teams
23:00 — How do you manage a calendar with four businesses under your belt?
25:36 — How do you find the right people?
27:20 — What is the residential brokerage industry like right now? What will it look like in ten years?
34:40 — Wichita Falls Landscape: Growing?
35:46 — Enneagram Retreats, Personality Testing, Ashton’s Coaching, and Writing Poetry
44:15 — If I became aware…


Ashton Gustafson is a highly sought after public speaker, nationally recognized Realtor, artist, musician, poet, amateur cosmologist, and currently in pursuit of more things to become. In 2010, Realtor Magazine named Ashton one of the top 30 Realtors in the United States under the age of 30. He has keynoted from Los Angeles , CA to Burlington, VT in the United States as well as internationally in Canada and Spain.

He writes about the art of living, finding beauty in the hidden places, and making music with your life, relationships, and business. His podcast, Good, True, & Beautiful, serves as a platform for thought leaders and visionaries from across the country to share their wisdom and insights on making the world a better place.

In addition to his writing and speaking, Ashton is currently a partner at Bishop Realtor Group, Meadowlake Management, and Muse Capital in Wichita Falls, TX as well as A.G. Real Estate & Associates in Waco, TX.

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