The FORT Podcast: Brandom Gengelbach

April 3, 2019

By: Abby Osvog

In Episode 18, Chris sits down with Brandom Gengelbach, Executive Vice President of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. They discuss what chambers do, how they help businesses, what he sees for the city of Fort Worth as well as cities around the country.

Click here to listen to the podcast: Episode 18: Brandom Gengelbach – Executive VP of Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce

2:06 – What do you do at the Chamber?
2:35 – What are businesses asking for today that has changed?
5:35 – How do cities differentiate in terms of what they can offer?
7:55 – What do people love about Fort Worth when visiting for the first time?
10:15 – What is the process of a company making a deal with the city?
13:27 – What did the Amazon HQ 2 deal teach chambers around the country?
16:11- Did Amazon help you learn more about the city and did Amazon bring more attention to these cities?
21:51 – Why do suburban cities have the ability to make “better” offers than larger cities?
29:03 – Is city growth dependent on bringing in large established businesses or growing internally existing businesses in the city? 
32:15- For small businesses, when is it the right time to go to the city chamber for the next move?
34:28 – What is Fort worth doing to be progressive in furthering economic development?