The FORT Podcast: Brent Beshore

Brent Beshore is the Founder and CEO of, a company investing in family-owned businesses. Brent is also the author of The Messy Marketplace: Selling Your Business in a World of Imperfect Buyers. In Episode 21, Brent and Chris discuss the history of the company, doing deals, mentorship and tons more.

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2:10 – How did you start this business?
2:55 – What are the benefits of running your company out of Columbia, MO vs. a major market?
5:13 – What are the common characteristics of companies that you acquire?
9:27 – When talking with these founders, what is the relationship like in terms of selling them later on?
14:10 – Do you find that as you grow, you see the people that come to you are more aligned with what you are looking for?
16:28 – Is your traffic inbound or are you doing outbound marketing?
18:07 – How has “The Messy Marketplace” been received, and has it led to more growth for Adventures?
20:02 – Writing a Book
21:58- What are some of the questions you love to ask potential businesses early on?
27:10 – What is your role in getting a deal done?
28:35 – How do you learn about buying a business and keeping everyone on board motivated to keep running it the same way?
30:50 – Once you buy a business, how is it determined how long current management will stay on?
32:16 – How do you define the “line” of we are here for you but you are your own company and need to run it?
34:57 – Have you ever recalled a time where the company was caught in conflict and how are those conflicts resolved?
37:05 – What are common tools that you use to work on with companies?
41:44 – Is there a common thing that small businesses are not doing well in marketing that can be easily fixed?
44:26 – What does Google Analytics do for a business?
47:02 – Owner Earnings vs. EBITDA
53:40- How do you determine what a ‘boring business’ is, and what industries are you interested in these days?
58:05 – When you start redistributing to investors, does it ever come off as a sign of weakness?
1:01:36 – How much time do you spend reading?
1:02:50 – How important is your morning routine to you?
1:03:58 – Do you have a favorite book?
1:04:25 – What is something you think few people believe?
1:07:49 – What advice would you give your 21-year old self?
1:08:45 – Do you have a mentor(s)?

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