The FORT Podcast: Chris Herd & Jonathan Wasserstrum – A Conversation on Remote Work – Pros & Cons

Chris Herd is the Founder & CEO at Firstbase, which helps companies build infrastructure with a remote-first mindset. He takes the side of remote work being most beneficial in the future of work.

Jonathan Wasserstrum is the Co-Founder and CEO of SquareFoot, which helps companies find commercial real estate and office space. Jonathan takes the side of in-person work being most beneficial in the future of work.

On this episode, Chris Powers moderates a debate between Chris Herd and Jonathan about which method of running business will lead to greater levels of success. Enjoy!

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(02:51) – Jonathan and Chris’ Background and What They’re Doing Today

(05:00) – What does remote work mean to each of you and how do you think about the concept?

(10:09) – Jonathan – Do you define SquareFoot as a remote-first or office-first company?

(12:07) – How are leaders deciding whether they’ll be an office or remote company?

(16:36 ) –  Trust Between Employers and Employees

(18:56) – What’s the Cadence of Coming Together as a Team and Being Able to Work Remotely

(25:40) – How does size or prestige of a company impact the ability of employees to influence the decision on remote vs. in person?

(31:20) – Is there any danger to your long-term career-worth by choosing to leave a company that mandates in-office work?

(35:47 ) – Relationship/Friendship Building In-Office vs. Remote

No Rules Rules by Reed Hastings

(46:27) – What are the signals or data points to see what matters in either taking a company remote or discovering how much time is ‘needed’ in-office over the next 5 years?

(51:03) –  Where are a lot of these remote radicals going to live and work?

(55:27) – Data on Where People Want to Start Technology Companies Pre and Post Covid

(1:01:19) –  How do you think about the next generation of workers coming out of school and only understanding a remote-work life. Do they miss out on mentorship or human interaction?

(1:10:08) – How do promotions get delegated on in-person workers and remote?

(1:11:43) – Trust and Tracking within Remote Companies

(1:16:25) – Wrap Up & Closing Statements

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