The FORT Podcast: Chris Powers – Rant on Fundamentals That Drive Class B Industrial

On this episode Chris talks about the fundamentals that drive Class B Industrial:

  • Growing demand and no new supply?  Could that be?!
  • The types of tenants that occupy Class B Industrial
  • How we think about Cap Ex & TI.
  • And more!

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(2:52) – What is Class B Industrial?

(4:59) – They aren’t building more of this stuff

(7:07) – Serving the function of a business

(9:43) – The asset class in 2022

(11:57) – Tenants in Class B Industrial

(14:05) – Being close to the customer

(15:33) – Predictability of Expenses

(16:31) – Class B as Covered Land Plays

(17:22) – Leasing

(19:58) – Final thoughts on Class B Industrial

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