The FORT Podcast: Chris Powers – Why decisions are made to sell real estate?

On this solo episode, Chris breaks down what would cause someone to sell an investment property or cash-flowing asset. He also discusses why different entities will decide to sell, such as funds or merchant developers. He stresses the importance of building a track record of selling, and how that played into the success of Fort Capital. He also discusses the process by which Fort Capital approaches a sale and experiences they’ve had. Enjoy!

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(01:57) – Who and what are we selling?

(02:30) – What are some reasons to sell?

(04:10) – Misalignment & Partnerships

(04:59) – You’re Doing Larger Deals

(05:43) – Satisfying Estate Issues

(06:09) – The Market is High and The Offer is Great

(06:38) – There are Better Opportunities for Capital

(07:18) – Taking Profits

(08:55) – Changing Market Conditions

(10:31) – Cross-Collateralized Deals

(11:10) – Taking risk Off The Table

(11:26) – Real Estate Depreciation

(12:05) – Investor’s Preferred Time Horizon

(13:13) – Tax Reasons

(13:38) – Why funds, REITs, and Merchant Developers Will Sell

(15:01) – You’ve Aggregated Enough Assets

(16:12) – What does selling do for an investment company?

(18:15) – Building a Track Record

(23:04) – Ownership Types and Incentive Structures

(30:08) –  Fort Capital’s Experience in Selling Portfolios

(32:29) – The Process by Which Fort Capital Sells

The FORT is produced by Johnny Peterson & Straight Up Podcasts.

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