The FORT Podcast: Holt Lunsford – Founder & CEO of Holt Lunsford Commercial

Holt Lunsford is the Founder & CEO of Holt Lunsford Commercial, a Dallas-based full-service commercial real estate company. They talk about luck in business, the process of finding and hiring great people, and Holt’s advice for fathers. Enjoy!

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(3:08) – Holt’s background and career

(5:30) – The Great Trammel Crowe generation of Texas Real Estate Operators

(19:26) – How much of business success is luck and how much are things that you can control? 

(21:28) – Holt’s Growth standards 

(24:22) – How long was the business going until you started making hires 

(25:24) – What were things you weren’t doing well that people could learn from? 

(28:55) – Holt on building relationships with the people he works with and loyalty 

(31:21) – Holt on the culture of people moving jobs constantly and attracting the next generation of employees 

(36:21)- What within Real Estate has changed dramatically since starting in ’86? 

(38:33) – Chris and Holt on life balance  

(43:02) – What did you give your kids for their 18th birthday? 

(46:19) – What advice would you give your 21-year-old self

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