The FORT Podcast: Holt Lunsford

Holt Lunsford is the Founder & CEO of Holt Lunsford Commercial, a Dallas-based full service commercial real estate company. They talk about luck in business, the process of finding and hiring great people, and Holt’s advice for fathers.

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1:40 – Holt Lunsford
4:00 – The Generation of Texas Real Estate
16:40 – How much of business success is luck and how much is things that you can control?
18:55 – Growth Standards
21:40 – How long were you in business until you started hiring?
22:40 – What were some things you were not doing well that people could learn from?
26:12 – Building Relationships & Loyalty
28:37 – Culture of Constant Job Switching & Attracting the Next Generation of Employees
33:36 – What within Real Estate has changed dramatically since starting off in ’86?
35:49 – Life Balance
40:20 – What did you give your kids for their 18th birthday?
43:35 – What advice would you give your 21-year-old self?


Holt Lunsford is Founder and CEO of Holt Lunsford Commercial, a commercial real estate service and investment company founded in 1993. HLC’s core lines of business include development leasing, property management and investments in the office, industrial and multifamily sectors.
In addition to his commercial real estate business, Holt is Founder and Chairman of Liberty Capital Bank, Global Fulfillment Solutions and City Park Construction. Holt is also a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School and Tuck School of business at Dartmouth, teaching cases in the Harvard curriculum called “Holt Lunsford Commercial, Inc. and Shady Trail”.

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