The FORT Podcast: How To Assemble & Entitle Urban Land

On today’s episode, Chris is joined by Jason Baxter, President and COO of Fort Capital to discuss the ways in which they think about the process around assembling and entitling land. They break down the due diligence work needed, why you need to know the end-user, what it’s like entering under contract, and the importance of getting people on your side through zoning.

We’re planning on doing more episodes like these in 2021. If you have any questions on how we operate at Fort Capital, email us at and we may just make an episode dedicated to it!

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(01:59) – What do Entitlements mean?

(02:44) – What is the due diligence process we do before buying a property we want to entitle?

(04:30) – Which city official do you try to set a meeting with to learn the future plan for an area?

(06:10) – Easements in Due Diligence

(08:17) – Environmental Issues

VCP- Voluntary Clean-Up Process

(12:18) – Determining Your Price to Pay and Value

(15:37) – Knowing Your End-User

(16:58) – Making an Offer that Can Close Quickly and Making Plans to Approach Sellers

(27:07) – Moving Quickly to Avoid the Word Getting Out to Other Real Estate Investors

(30:14) – Be Willing to Put in the Effort

(32:13) – Factors like NextDoor and Your City’s Vision

(35:26) – What We Do Once We’ve Bought a Property and What it’s Like to Enter into a Contract

(38:22) – What do future developers need to be able to close? What does a typical contract look like so expectations are met by both parties?

(42:57) – Getting Plans Ready for a Permit & Zoning

(45:05) – Getting People on Your Side When Going Through the Zoning Process

(52:48) – Wrap Up

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