The FORT Podcast: How To Get Your First Job in Real Estate

Fort Capital CEO Chris Powers discusses the ins and outs of finding a job in the real estate industry for those graduating college. He discusses the top 3 things people should know when looking for a job, the importance of networking, how to narrow your search when looking at potential companies, interview preparation, big vs. small company experiences, and much more.

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(01:56) – Disclaimer to College Students

(02:29) – The 3 Things College Graduates Should Know When Looking for a Job

(03:59) – #1 Picking the Right Asset Class to Work In

(05:24) – #2 Pick a Market You Want to Be In

(06:45) – #3 Picking a Line of Work

(14:58) – Proptech

(18:01) – Networking and Honing in on Places to Work

(21:00) – Reaching Out to Folks You May Want to Work With/For

(25:32) – Things to Think About When Analyzing Potential Companies You May Work For

(28:41) – Find Out How a Company is Using Technology

(31:28) – What are some red flags in employers?

(33:51) – Getting a Masters Degree vs. Work Experience

(36:11) – Things to Be Prepared for in an Interview Situation

(37:07) – Things that Catch our Eye for New Hires Coming Out of College

(42:26) – Big Company vs. small company: Which do you join?

(51:49) – What is an entry-level position that gives you the most optionality as you move through your career?

(1:02:36) – Other Things to Think About

(1:02:51) – Internships for Current Students, Argus Course, Utilizing Free Online Resources, Getting a Real Estate License

(1:04:14) – Sitting in on City Hall Developer Meetings and Zoning Commissions

(1:04:43) – Find Physical Places that are Interesting to You

(1:08:00) – Wrap Up


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