The FORT Podcast: Jason Baxter (Part 2)

In Episode 14, Chris and Jason sit down for a 2018 in review. They discuss how their business relationship has developed, the growth of Fort Capital and how their lives changed over the past year.

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02:13 — The Fort Operating System

07:09 — What do you think is the biggest thing as an individual that you learned in 2018?

15:03 — Expansion into The River District

24:39 — How do you think about the price that can be paid for land? What are things that can add value to land?

31:15 — Why did you decide to go to Harvard?

31:57 — What has been the most beneficial part of deciding to go back and get that education?

32:43 — What We Don’t Think About

39:24 — Trends in Retail

45:00 — The Upside of Industrial

45:37 — What is the biggest change you have recognized in yourself since becoming a dad?

48:46 — If you could have a billboard for a month in Times Square that the whole world would see, what would it say?

54:25 — The Power of Decision Making

56:05 — Biggest Reflection of 2018 — Importance of a Good Business Partner

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