The FORT Podcast: Jason Baxter

Chris is sitting down with Jason Baxter, President & COO of Fort Capital, to go in-depth on ways that Fort Capital is growing with a focus on speed and innovation. They dive into the importance of “C.O.R.”, using Culture Index for hiring great talent, as well as Fort Operating System. They also discuss how their use of artificial intelligence and outsourcing software systems allows them to monitor new deals in real time without manually searching for each one. Listen in on their conversation about the process of raising a fund, the idea that bigger is not necessarily better, and how Fort is leveraging remote talent to expand to new regions without opening new offices.

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01:46 – What is C.O.R.? How do you encourage a team to adopt the C.O.R. mindset?
13:14 – The Culture Index for Hiring
19:15 – Use of Fort Operating System (F.O.S.)
23:30 – Watson, Stemmons, and Streamlining Communication
36:13 – Getting Smarter About Raising a Fund
38:14 – False Precision in Real Estate Investments
53:05 – Profitability > Size

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