The FORT Podcast: John Marsh – Co-Founder of Marsh Collective – Finding Opportunity in the Broken & Undone

John Marsh is the Co-Founder of Marsh Collective and host of the Redemptification Podcast, serial entrepreneur, and consultant helping steward over $1b in redemptive real estate in 9 small towns around America. After spending the last 25 years giving guidance to over 60 startup businesses in various industries, John’s current focus is helping others make generational differences in their communities and companies by helping patrons bridge the gap between redeeming vision and execution.

On this episode, Chris and John discuss, how Marsh Collective rebuilt the entire city of Opelika, Alabama, buying old historic downtowns as an asset class and how to develop leadership and create flourishing businesses. John also discusses how he completely changed the trajectory of his life and marriage.

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(03:07) – Why do you see brokenness everywhere?

(06:09) – What hanged in your life after contemplating suicide?

(09:22) – Forgiveness is Suffering

(12:01) – What kind of work do you do with the hard-charging entrepreneur in the perspective of their marriage?

(15:58) – John’s Real Estate Career in Opelika, Alabama

(28:15) – Building Businesses by Pivoting Into Commercial

(36:02) – How do you know you’ve found the right leader?

(42:29) –  What drives an extraordinary experience?

(48:36) – What would make a fantastic multi-family project?

(54:37) – Do these tenants pay more and stay longer when you follow this model?

(57:04) – Are you bullish on the migration to small towns?

(1:00:19) – Small, Historic Towns as an Asset Class

(1:04:42) – What needs to be in place from the investors for you to work together successfully?

(1:10:55) – What does a contract structure look like when renovating an entire town?

(1:14:22) – Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

The Fort is produced by Johnny Peterson

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