The FORT Podcast: Levi Benkert – Founder & CEO of Harbor Capital – Building a Class B Industrial Empire in Texas

Levi Benkert is a proven innovative business leader with 20 years of experience in strategic real estate-related business development. Levi founded Harbor Capital, a private equity firm focused on industrial real estate in Texas. Levi has leveraged his skills to identify unique opportunities, maximize growth, raise capital, and create a lasting vision for companies that he has founded and led. Levi has bought, managed, and developed over $450M in real estate properties in his career.

On this episode, Chris & Levi discuss:

➡️ Lessons learned during the 2008/2009 Great Financial Crisis

➡️ Story of moving to Ethiopia to build an orphanage and several businesses

➡️ Why he chose to focus on Class B Industrial throughout Texas

➡️ How Harbor underwrites deals and structures their real deals

➡️ Discussion on current real estate market

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(00:04:44) Levi’s career in home building through the GFC

(00:22:06) Building an orphanage & 4 different businesses in Ethiopia

(00:33:40) Building Harbor Capital with a focus on Class B Industrial

(00:36:06) Levi’s focus within Class B Industrial

(00:46:21) Doing a deal in Katy, TX that ended up being next to the Tesla Factories

(00:52:02) Insights on the Houston & San Antonio markets

(00:56:07) “Buy, Refi, Die.” – Long-term holds

(00:57:46) Harbor and Fort Capital’s future plans

(01:06:36) Harbor’s organizational structure

(01:09:30) Twitter

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