The FORT Podcast: M. Stanfield (Twitter Anon) – Investing in America’s Most Challenging Affordable Housing

Twitter Anon M. Stanfield aka @mu2myoc on Twitter is an expert in affordable housing.  Over the past 18 months, his firm has acquired $200M+ in affordable housing projects in Texas. They buy distressed value-add deals and spend a pile on CapEx. Before launching his own fund two years ago, he had developed over 3,000 units of affordable housing in multiple states. Prior to that, he was an affordable housing broker.

On this episode, Chris and M. Stanfield discuss:

  • An in-depth analysis of the affordable housing industry and how it operates.
  • Stories as a landlord of some of America’s toughest affordable housing communities.
  • How his firm creates value and win/win situations for all involved.

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(1:47) – The culture around people living in low-income housing

(13:06) – What are you buying and what issues are you walking into when looking at a deal?

(17:26) – Low Income Housing Tax Credit process

(22:18) – Thoughts on Section 8 housing 

(32:30) – What drives you to work in this asset class?

(39:41) – Serendipitous opportunity vs. “working for it”

 (43:59) – How do you turn these properties around from a physical perspective and a resident perspective?

(54:58) – Is there any real solution to helping low-income housing?

(59:40) – Re-tenanting a property

Twitter Questions

(1:09:20) – What 2-3 levers can you pull that drive 95% of returns?

(1:16:07) – What’s your take on the market right now? 

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