The FORT Podcast: Mark Flood

Mark Flood is the Co-Founder of Disrupt Gaming, a team of professional e-sports players and content developers located across the United States, Canada, UK, and Italy. Disrupt has established a strong presence with teams playing Tekken 7 and Rainbow Six: Siege. They discuss how Mark got into the world of gaming, how players like ‘Ninja’ can make a seven-figure salary playing games, the process of putting together a team, raising capital, and more.

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02:51 — Mark’s Background, The Industry, Disrupt Gaming
11:36 — Technical vs. Non-Technical Relationships in Early Stage Start Ups
14:55 — Staying Focused for Long Periods of Time
16:17 — Did you look into the legalities of what you were doing?
18:57 — How many people were using GamerWall once you made the shift from WagerWall?
20:46 — The Acquisition Process
23:56 — What did you do when you sold the business?
26:00 — What is Disrupt? How do you select which games to compete in?
32:36 — Do you pick the game first or seek out players first? How do you find these players and put together teams?
37:28 — Are these teams remote or are you paying to fly them?
39:00 — How many players are on Disrupt? How do coaches factor in with scouting and practice?
42:22 — How often do people reach out to try out? How do you fire a player?
48:28 — Mark’s New Documentary
51:08 — How does a player know if they’re pro-level talent?
53:30 — Where do pro gamers get the majority of their money?
58:20 — Do gamers workout and stay physically fit?
1:00:00 — The Younger Generation, Increasing Popularity of Being a Pro Gamer, the Social Effect on Gaming in the Real World
1:04:08 — Creating a Fully Remote Team
1:07:36 — What software helps you run a remote business?
1:10:00 — What is your goal with Disrupt? Growth, Content Development, Fundraising, and Advantages Over Traditional Sports
1:20:08 — The Importance of Social Media and Staying in the Conversation
1:25:36 — Twitter Highlights, The Shift of Twitter Culture


Mark is an operations expert who specializes in maximizing productivity. He has been a gamer since 1988 and been involved on the business side of the industry since 2015 with an acquisition occurring in 2017. He is a self taught coder and videographer and brings these skills to the table to drive results for Disrupt Gaming and its partners. With experience in early stage startups (GamerWall) and scaled companies (Yodle), Mark’s diverse background gives him a large experience pool from which to draw.

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