The FORT Podcast: Mark Flood

Mark Flood is the Co-Founder of Disrupt Gaming, a team of professional e-sports players and content developers located across the United States, Canada, UK, and Italy. Disrupt has established a strong presence with teams playing Tekken 7 and Rainbow Six: Siege. They discuss how Mark got into the world of gaming, how players like ‘Ninja’ can make a seven-figure salary playing games, the process of putting together a team, raising capital, and more.

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02:51 — Mark’s Background, The Industry, Disrupt Gaming
11:36 — Technical vs. Non-Technical Relationships in Early Stage Start Ups
14:55 — Staying Focused for Long Periods of Time
16:17 — Did you look into the legalities of what you were doing?
18:57 — How many people were using GamerWall once you made the shift from WagerWall?
20:46 — The Acquisition Process
23:56 — What did you do when you sold the business?
26:00 — What is Disrupt? How do you select which games to compete in?
32:36 — Do you pick the game first or seek out players first? How do you find these players and put together teams?
37:28 — Are these teams remote or are you paying to fly them?
39:00 — How many players are on Disrupt? How do coaches factor in with scouting and practice?
42:22 — How often do people reach out to try out? How do you fire a player?
48:28 — Mark’s New Documentary
51:08 — How does a player know if they’re pro-level talent?
53:30 — Where do pro gamers get the majority of their money?
58:20 — Do gamers workout and stay physically fit?
1:00:00 — The Younger Generation, Increasing Popularity of Being a Pro Gamer, the Social Effect on Gaming in the Real World
1:04:08 — Creating a Fully Remote Team
1:07:36 — What software helps you run a remote business?
1:10:00 — What is your goal with Disrupt? Growth, Content Development, Fundraising, and Advantages Over Traditional Sports
1:20:08 — The Importance of Social Media and Staying in the Conversation
1:25:36 — Twitter Highlights, The Shift of Twitter Culture