The FORT Podcast: Matt Lasky

Matt Lasky serves as Managing Partner and Senior Vice President of Equity Velocity Funds. He has advised clients nationally on over 1.3 million square feet of retail, mixed-use, and medical property since 2011. At Equity, he leads a team whose focus is on providing customized analytics and financial solutions to market strategy and capital markets clients nationally. The team brings deep experience in both multi-unit rollouts and acquisition/disposition work. In today’s episode, he and Chris discuss lender attitudes during the COVID-19 pandemic, Matt’s perspective on working as a principal owner in the medical real estate world, and much more.

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01:18 — Matt’s Background and His Career Up to This Point
04:41 — What was it about healthcare that intrigued you and brought you to Equity?
05:32 — What is it like focusing on both the service side and principal owner side of the business?
10:34 — How does a deal in this space come together?
13:10 — Is your fund a generalist fund or does each have its own mandate?
16:20 — What are you seeing on the front lines of Retail that you can share?
19:04 — Are lenders changing their attitudes during this COVID-19 crisis vs. the ’08 crash?
20:24 — Are there any best practices for handling rent relief?
23:55 — What is the difference between borrowing from CMBS vs. borrowing from a bank?
26:05 — Is there anything that’s been permanently damaging for retailers?
28:33 — What worries you going forward after COVID-19?
32:30 — Are insurers paying receivables quicker to close the gap?
33:09 — Did you go into this pandemic with anything under contract? Has anything with these contracts changed due to COVID-19?
36:03 — Is Equity on pause with acquisitions? What’s would your plan be if a deal presented itself right now?
39:27 — Where do you see the rest of 2020 and 2021 going? When do we get back to ‘normal’?
42:17 — Are you seeing any leasing activity or has it halted?
45:12 — Do you see retail rents taking a huge hit w/ social distancing or will a new player come in and take advantage of it?
47:54 — Is there anything interesting you suspect we might see 18 months from now?

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