The FORT Podcast: Michael Girdley – Chairman of Girdley Enterprises – Becoming a Creator, Building a HoldCo, Going from Idea to Business Launch

Michael is CEO of Girdley Enterprises, LLC, a diversified holding company of 11 businesses.

In this episode Chris & Michael discuss:

  • Becoming a creator and the business of creating
  • How he has built a hold-co and keeps everyone accountable
  • How he takes a business from idea to a running business
  • Why he wants to focus on BIG ideas

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Key Takeaways:

(2:08) – Sudden Deafness & Insights into Girdley’s Persona

(6:52) – Why have you chosen to spend so much time building your presence online?

(10:05) – What makes for great content on Twitter?

(11:38) – How much time is spent on your threads and writing?

(17:41) – Building a media team

(23:38) – Twitter’s change under Elon

(27:44) – Girdley on changing his Twitter strategy

(29:33) – Has LinkedIn translated well for you?

(31:46) – Girdley on Remote teams

(33:10) – How are you able to stay on top of multiple different companies?

(37:27) – What do you fail at?

(38:44) – Do you teach the EOS or hire someone to implement it?

(40:53) – What do you feel like you still have to learn?

(41:43) – What does your Chief of Staff do?

(45:49) – Was there a pivotal moment when you realized where you were the strongest in your role?

(47:06) – What do you mean when you say you only want to work on “big” things?

(49:36) – What is your process from formulating an idea, to launching, to stepping back?

(56:23) – Are you still involved in VC?

(57:16) – How do you approach capital allocation in your HoldCo?

(59:41) – What happens when you’re not aligning with a CEO?

(1:01:41) – Are there best practices for incentivizing a CEO?

(1:02:40) – What is a Holding Company?

(1:06:02) – Why did you decide to create a course?

(1:10:14) – How do you approach distribution and scaling content?

(1:11:59) – How do you see the 4th quarter of your career playing out?

(1:13:33) – Why have you chosen podcasting as a medium?

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