The FORT Podcast: Moses Kagan – Part 2 | On Value-Add MF, A New Core Strategy, ReConvene, Los Angeles, and How He’s Looking at The World

Moses Kagan is the Co-Founder and Head of Adaptive Realty, a Los Angeles-based development, and property management group. Since 2018, Moses has overseen the repositioning of 80 properties in Los Angeles and grown Adaptive from $0 to $110M of property under management. Moses joins Chris for his third appearance on The FORT Podcast.

In this two-part episode, they discuss the decision to not deploy a fund he raised in early 2020 and his new core strategy. They also explore rent control vs non-rent control. How he talks to his family about wealth and potentially taking over his business, learnings from ReConvene, and where we go from here….

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(02:31) – A Discussion on Rent Control

(09:25) – Defining Moses’ New Buying Strategy

(20:36) –  How have you thought about growing your business over the next decade? 

(26:32) – How are you thinking about leaving the businesses to your kids? What if they don’t want to go into it?

(35:50) – Thoughts on Growing Third Party Property Management 

(38:38) – Is there anything keeping you up at night? 

(42:13) – The Slowing Rate of Development

(46:01) – Our Collective Tolerance for Emergency

(48:28) – If I gave you $1B to put to work by the end of the year where would it go?

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