The FORT Podcast: Patrick Coddou (Part 2)

Patrick Coddou is the Founder and CEO of Supply, a men’s shaving and grooming direct-to-consumer business, who appeared on Shark Tank in late 2019. This Part 2 episode recaps Patrick’s experience on the show (or at least what he can share!) and how the show has radically helped his business. Chris and Patrick also discuss the power of Shopify, pulling products off Amazon, the power of Facebook and SEO. Enjoy!

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02:24 — How far in advance was your Shark Tank episode filmed and how hard was it to keep it a secret?
04:56 — How long does it take to perfect the pitch for the Sharks?
06:24 — What was the day of the pitch like?
10:29 — How long was the pitch to the Sharks?
11:21 — Was there a point where you doubted getting a deal?
16:04 — What did you do to celebrate?
17:12 — How did you prepare your site and supply chain prior to the episode airing?
19:55 — What was the immediate aftermath of the airing?
22:15 — Did you have any issues with the site during the rush of sales?
23:37 — Did you close the deal with Robert the Shark?
25:36 — Has the Coronavirus affected your business? What are you hearing from a supply chain/e-commerce perspective?
27:40 — What makes Shopify so great?
29:28 — Why is Shopify better than other platforms?
31:00 — Why did you stop selling on Amazon?
35:27 — Why are you more worried about Facebook than Shopify?
36:04 — How do you reach customers on the internet? How do you utilize SEO tools?
39:03 — What does the rest of the year look like? How has your strategy changed since going on Shark Tank?
41:07 — Did other investors reach out after Shark Tank?

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