The FORT Podcast: Patrick Coddou

Patrick Caddou is the Founder and CEO of Supply, a direct-to-consumer company specializing in single-blade razors for men as well as other cosmetic goods. Patrick and Chris discuss his journey of leaving the corporate world to become a founder, the ups and downs of manufacturing a product that people will love to use, and the how Twitter and freelance platforms have been so instrumental in businesses.

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01:38 — What is Supply and how did you get started?
04:00 — Did you discover something new yourself when you went full-time with Supply?
05:08 — What was your experience launching a product on KickStarter?
07:30 — What risks come with manufacturing a product?
08:40 — What is the biggest factor in customer loyalty?
09:15 — Designing a Product, Sourcing Materials, and Customer Delivery
11:20 — and Supply
14:29 — How did you deal with issues with manufacturers?
17:18 — How are you dealing with poor supplier relationships right now?
18:53 — Are there consultants for sourcing suppliers?
20:44 — What will your trip to China be like?
22:12 — If a supplier drops the ball on a major purchase order, how does it put you at risk?
27:16 — What led to the launch of Razorpedia?
29:06 — Negative Social Media Feedback
33:06 — Slowly & Methodically Growing a Company
38:18 — What does “pushing the lever” mean?
41:50 — When did you realize the importance of digital advertising?
44:30 — Ben & Jerry’s vs. Amazon
50:10 — What makes a great shave?
52:50 — How focused were you on doing one thing really well? When did you decide to expand the product line?
55:25 — Do you have a mentor or group that advises you?
58:38 — Advice to Your 21-Year-Old Self
1:01:50 — How do you know if you had a good day? How do you define success?

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