The FORT Podcast: RE Private Equity – Stay Small or Grow a Platform?

When starting a career in RE Private Equity, should you stay small or grow a platform? On this episode, Chris answers that question as he walks through the process of growing a real estate company from a one-man band to 25+ people. He explains how your role changes as you do more deals, why hiring is inevitable, the challenges of hiring the right people, implementing processes and operations, and more.

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(01:27) – When You’re in the Early Stages of a Small Business (1-2 People)

(04:03) – Finding and Setting Up Your HQ

(04:41) – Determining the Future of Your Company

(05:13) – Option 1: Doing 1-2 Deals Per Year

Accounting Software – Quickbooks

(13:04) – What happens after closing your first deal and you’re looking for your next deal?

(14:52) – How will your role change as your company grows?

(15:39) – “Doubling” Your Business After Year 1

(17:20) – Hiring a Commercial Loan Assistant

(19:11) – Challenges in Hiring Someone

(22:08) – Hiring Asset Managers in Year 3

(24:01) – Creating Processes

(25:58) – Increasing Your Prices and Preserving Fee Streams

(29:09) – Making the Leap from 5-6 People to 25 people

(37:31) – Wrap Up

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