The FORT Podcast: Real Estate Syndication 101

On this episode, Chris discusses Real Estate Syndication. He describes the differences between a syndication and a fund, the pros and cons of syndication, breakdowns of GPs and LPs, deal structures, fees, and Twitter questions from listeners. Enjoy!

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(00:58) – Real Estate Syndication

(01:52) – Syndication vs. a Fund

(03:20) – Syndicating vs. Investing Your Own Capital

(03:43) – How a Syndication Works

(04:24) – General Partners 

(06:14) – Limited Partners

(08:27) – Advantages of Syndicating

(10:17) – Advantages from a GP Perspective

(11:25) – Advantages of Syndicating vs. a Fund

(12:45) – Setting Terms As a GP

(13:59) – Working With Institutional Capital

(15:16) – Disadvantages for General Partners

(16:43) – Disadvantages of Syndicating

(19:09) – What LP’s Should Be Looking For in a General Partner

(20:54) – Questions to Ask Potential General Partners

(25:17) – Best Practices for Finding a Co-GP

(27:59) – Types of Deal Structures and Their Merits

(35:28) – Raising from Multiple Investors

(36:42) – Creating Liquidity for LPs

(43:48) – How Money is Made in the Syndicating Industry

(46:56) – Type of Fees You Might See Out of a Syndicator

(50:40) – How to Keep Alignment Between the GP & LP

(51:50) – How do terms change between acquisitions and a development deal?

(53:24) – Lenders 

(56:35) – The Fort Capital Investor Onboarding Process 

(1:02:54) – Technology Impacts as a Syndicator if You Decide to Use a Software Like Juniper Square

(1:07:23) – Biggest Tailwinds in the Industry

(1:12:15) – Data and Stats on How GPs and LPs are Looking at the World as it Relates to Syndicators

(1:14:28) – Twitter Questions: Adjusting Acquisition and LP Return Criteria Given the Market

(1:16:52) – What part of your structure has changed the most over time?

(1:18:29) – What’s the most surprising thing that investors are interested in?

(1:20:25) – Wrap Up & Contact

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