The FORT Podcast: Ryan Eisenman – Co-Founder of Arch – Building The Digital Admin for Private Investments

Ryan Eisenman is the co-founder and CEO of Arch, a digital solution utilized by over 180 private investment firms to automate the administration and management of tens of $Bs of alternative investments.

Ryan is a Houston native, graduated from Vanderbilt University, and now lives in New York City where Arch is headquartered.

On this episode Chris and Ryan discuss:

  • the story of how he got the idea to build and execute on Arch
  • the issues behind managing wealth and private investments
  • how he raised VC capital
  • Ryan asks Chris several questions about his career

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(2:27) – Ryan’s background and career

(3:49) – The Israeli Entrepreneurship scene

(6:41) – Ryan’s journey to founding Arch

(12:16) – What are you solving with Arch?

(14:15) – Who are the customers for Arch?

(15:13) – What was your experience raising capital in 2021?

(17:14) – What do you lean on VC’s for?

(19:20) – How do you break into the VC world and start setting meetings?

(20:30) – How long did it take to convince your first major investor?

(23:09) – How often do you talk to your investors?

(23:25) – What’s “the next stage” of the business?

(24:53) – Why was $1mm in revenue the point where you brought in more sales staff?

(26:37) – How has your role changed as the company grows?

Ryan Interviews Chris

(28:17) – Chris’ thoughts on what’s broken in this industry

(33:11) – What is and what should your first step be after a major liquidity event?

(35:16) – What separates a great advisor from the rest of the pack?

(38:27) – Chris’ role as an asset Manager and the purpose of Fort Capital

(40:54) – How did you raise your first deals?

(42:13) – Where do you see FC in 5 years? 15 years?

(43:29) – How is the current market affecting your strategy?

(48:43) – Being fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful

(52:10)- What would you be building if you had to work somewhere else?

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