The FORT Podcast: Sam Parr

Sam Parr is CEO and co-founder of Hustle Con Media, which includes one of the most popular daily newsletters at over a million readers. They discuss Sam’s journey to Silicon Valley, how to build a media company, the correlation of money:happiness and more. Enjoy! You can subscribe to The Hustle newsletter here.

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2:00 – How did you end up in the Bay area and how did The Hustle come to be?
4:40 – How did you go from working with American Pickers to starting a hot dog stand to an online liquor store?
6:18 – How did Bunk change your life?
8:46 – What is the common theme that you see from founders coming through HustleCon?
11:48 – Chris’ Biggest Experience at HustleCon
14:26 – The Hustle Newsletter 
19:00 – How do you develop content?
20:10 – How did you learn growth hacking and finding this non-filtered voice?
22:44 – How does living in Silicon Valley without this politically correct filter affect you?
24:14 – The key things people can do to grow an online media brand.
27:08 – How do you know what a user is worth?
28:17 – Do you need a certain number of users to become profitable or is it based on the type of content?
31:15 – How the world is shifting in terms of accessibility to online content.
33:30 – Popular media companies becoming less and less relevant, Chris’ newsletters and new media companies like Barstool.
39:30 – Feedback from Readers at The Hustle
40:38 – How do you judge what content is published and what gets filed away?
41:50 – Hosting Profitable Events 
46:22 – Building The Hustle to sell vs. growing into a media empire, investing and starting businesses, and the correlation between money and happiness.
54:40 – Handling Money and Success
56:50 – What is Trends and why did you decide to start it?
1:00:00 – Sam’s Thinking Process 


Sam Parr is the Founder and CEO of Hustle Con Media, which includes one of the most popular daily newsletters bringing in over a million readers. Born in St. Louis, MO, Sam went on to Belmont University on a Track scholarship, and later worked for the wildly popular TV show: American Pickers. Soon after, he started a chain of Hot dog stands as well as an online liquor store. This all led him to move to San Francisco in order to start an internet company, where co-founded Bunk and then eventually Hustle Con, a TED-like conference for entrepreneurs. The success of his daily newsletter led to the pivot that we see today in Hustle Con Media.

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