The FORT Podcast: Sarah LanCarte

Sarah LanCarte is the founder of LanCarte Commercial, a commercial real estate company specializing in tenant representation, leasing, and sales and acquisitions for properties in DFW. On this episode, Chris and Sarah talk about the early days of her career, her mentors, working with Fort Capital and ultimately what led her to founding LanCarte Commercial. They also talk about the current state of commercial real estate in DFW in the wake of COVID-19 and trends she predicts going forward. Enjoy!

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01:49 — Sarah’s Background and Starting LanCarte Commercial
08:18 — Did cold calling come naturally to you or was it uncomfortable at first?
09:56 — Was there a point in time where you thought “Okay, I’ve arrived in this industry.”?
12:08 — The First Deal Sarah Closed
12:43 — When did you start to become self sufficient at finding and doing deals?
14:53 — How Chris started working with Sarah and how she transitioned from the broker world into principal
18:15 — What was the journey like in starting your own business?
21:08 — How do you split your time between running the business and being a broker?
23:20 — What do you say to young brokers to prepare them for both the exciting and frustrating part of CRE?
24:54 — What is the difference between a great broker and a bad one?
28:21 — How is LanCarte Commercial’s team different than other companies in the industry?
29:50 — What was your experience as a small business owner during the very early days of COVID-19?
33:30 —  What are you observing in the Fort Worth market as we come out of COVID-19?
37:33 — Do you know of any big office tenants that might be moving into Fort Worth for the first time?
38:50 — Do you have any predictions on how places like Shopping Malls and Big Box Retail could be converted?
40:48 — What are your thoughts on Multi-Story Industrial Innovation in DFW?
42:53 — Is the demand there for all the Spec being built around DFW?
44:38 — How far in advance are tenants looking to lease in the Class B Space?
47:02 — Have you seen an upgrade with places like Amazon in their infill as they move to delivery methods like Sprinter vans?
48:08 — What are your 5-year goals for LanCarte Commercial?
48:52 — Why is CREW important and why should more females in the industry be a part of it?
50:07 — How can people get in touch with you?

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