The FORT Podcast: Steve Radom – Founder of Radom Capital – Best in Class Urban Infill Developer

Steve Radom, Founder of Radom Capital, began his company in 2014 with the vision of creating a best-in-class urban infill redevelopment platform that passionately executes enduring designs and yields differentiated projects. Radom has developed 15 projects ranging from small, retail redevelopments to larger mixed-use projects. Each stabilized project has achieved and maintained 100% occupancy to best-in-class tenants.

On this episode, Chris and Steve chat about the story of how Radom Capital came to be, how Steve selects a location and what matters. They also share stories of how Montrose Collective & MKT came to be and how ultimately, it’s all in the details.

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(01:50) – Steve’s Background and Career

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Radom Capital

(10:19) – What would you say is your edge?

(14:00) – When do you go from really good to absolutely great?

(16:49) – How do you think about raising capital?

(21:33) – How do you think about hiring architects and landscape designers?

(23:40) – What separates a great architect?

(24:49) – Building The Montrose Collective

(32:44) – What’s your secret to working with City Councils?

(37:15) – Learnings From The Early Days Of The Pandemic

(43:36) – How are you describing the Houston market right now?

(46:59) – What do you think about Houston’s Zoning approach?

(48:25) – The MKT Project

(57:35) – What’s your tenant buy-in strategy?

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