The FORT Podcast: Tuur Demeester

Tuur Demeester is the Founding Partner of Adamant Capital and the #11 Worldwide Crypto Influencer. Tuur is known for his work on crypto valuation, market analysis, trading calls, ETH debates, and the study of tech history. He and Chris discuss the history of Bitcoin, the process of crypto becoming an everyday consumer currency, Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency, and more.

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02:06 — How did you discover Bitcoin in 2012?
06:08 — Tuur’s Background
09:40 — The Nature & Scarcity of Bitcoin
14:33 — What is the limit on 21 million Bitcoins?
17:03 — What is Bitcoin to you? Why do you commit to the progression of it?
19:32 — 4 Steps to Becoming a Currency & Everyday Consumer Use
22:33 — Where are we in making Bitcoin an institutionally viable asset?
26:28 — Bitcoin Changing Courses
30:27 — Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
32:20 — Facebook’s Libra
38:05 — Can the government stop Bitcoin?
44:26 — Bitcoin in Authoritarian or Underdeveloped Nations
46:42 — How was 2018 for Bitcoin?
49:26 — Listener Question: How will a decentralized currency economy regulate factors typically regulated by the government?
52:17 — Bitcoin & Criminals
55:37 — How does Twitter play a role in your daily life and work?
59:37 — The Future of Bitcoin

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