The FORT Podcast: Tyron McDaniel – Owner of Houston Vintage Homes – A leader on a mission to build Affordable Housing for all

Tyron McDaniel is the Owner of Houston Vintage Homes, focused on the Design & Development of Affordable Housing in inner-city communities around the country. With a keen eye for design and historical context, Tyron works with multiple cities and coaches, mentors investors, home builders, and developers from around the country in creating affordable housing solutions to meet the ever-growing need for more affordable housing. 

On this episode, Chris and Tyron chat about how Tyron is using his platform to get younger generations interested in service trades, his life mission, and opinions on how to make housing more affordable, at scale. It is a thoughtful conversation about building affordable housing that helps create a positive impact in communities. Enjoy!

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(02:31) – Tyron’s Background and Career

(04:27) – Tyron’s Work in Inner-City Houston

(08:27)  – What are you doing differently with these homes that no one else wants?

(12:05) – What are you doing with the homes when you’ve finished renovating?

(15:26) – Is there something that happens where people start to notice a neighborhood is prime to develop around and are wanting to buy there?

(18:01) – Tyron’s Urban Builder School

(25:58) – How early do you need to get involved in these inner-city kids’ lives before they head down the wrong path?

(27:38) – What does the definition of affordable housing mean to you?

(28:56) – What’s your process for underwriting a tenant in the communities you work in?

(31:54) – Do prisons give ex-cons any kind of statement that they were “good” people inside?

(34:48) – How do you finance your properties?

(36:05) – What are some obvious housing changes that we need at the political level?

(39:33) – What are you seeing in the market in regards to rising costs and inflation?

(41:52) – Are there specifics that you implement into your projects to keep your costs low?

(49:02) – How do you think about setting your rents?

(53:27) – What are your thoughts on gentrification?

(57:41) – A Discussion on the Trades

(1:00:45) – Do you have a childhood experience that changed the trajectory of your life?

(1:03:38) – What’s the advice you’ve been given?

(1:04:34) – Is there a book that’s had an impact on you?

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