The FORT Podcast: Value Creation Through Aggregating “Small” Assets

On this episode, Chris breaks down Fort Capital’s strategy of aggregating smaller assets in order to make them more attractive to institutional capital. He defines what would constitute a smaller asset, why institutional capital would be interested in these aggregations, additional margins to be made for the owner, and more. Enjoy!

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(00:47) – Fort Capital’s journey into aggregation

RE #98: How to Assemble & Entitle Urban Land

(02:10) – Asset Type and Market in Aggregation

(03:11) – What is a ‘smaller asset’?

(04:56) – Larger Institutional Interest in a One-Off Deal vs. Aggregation

(06:21) – Additional Margin to be Made for the Owner

(06:42) – Lowering the Cost of Capital

(08:29) – Different Institutional LP-based Scenario – Raising From Non-Profits

(10:44) – Institutions Require Operational Efficiencies

(12:17) – Wrap Up

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