Building the Fort: Episode 6


Do you have a vision for where this company will go?

I want to build this company into one of the best investment companies in the world with investments in multiple industries, not just real estate. If you peel back some of the layers of Fort today, some of the stuff that’s not as publicized, you’ll see that we’re doing some big funding and working with entrepreneurs in different industries. You’ll see that we have some oil and gas exposure.  What we really have is a great network—we have access to some of the best deals in the country.

I think as the years go by and we continue to have results, Fort Capital ten years from now, while the core will look the same—people focused, working with the best people– we’ll be executing on multiple different strategies.

Real estate will always be our back bone and what gets us to where we want to go, but there are too many great things going on in the world. We’re creating the place and the culture that will invite people with different ideas and different skill sets to come and execute.

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