The FORT Podcast: Brandon Sedloff Interviews Chris: Reflections On My Career, Fort, Raising Capital, & Lessons Learned

Brandon Sedloff is Managing Director and Founding SVP of Sales at Juniper Square where he focuses on business development, and strategy and serves some of the world’s largest institutional investment managers. Juniper Square empowers GPs and LPs to focus on building enduring relationships and exceptional investment opportunities. Our partnership enablement solutions empower investment partners to connect and communicate seamlessly across every interaction, freeing teams from the disjointed and siloed systems, operations, and processes holding organizations back from realizing their full potential today.

On this episode Chris & Brandon discuss:

  • Chris’ story and timeline of career
  • Lessons learned and unique strategy at Fort Capital
  • Discussion on raising capital and why Fort is considering institutional capital

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(3:02) – Chris’ journey into commercial Real Estate and early career

(6:23) – Why do you think Real Estate was your calling?

(9:05) – Did your studies at TCU play into your eventual career?

(12:24) – When did Fort Capital come into existence?

(20:08) – Who’s Jason Baxter and what’s his role?

(21:47) – How did you transition out of housing development and into industrial?

(26:02) – When you got into industrial, how did you find your niche within this asset class?

(34:54) – What are the headline stats on Fort Capital today?

(37:05) – What is the process of finding a deal and the syndication model you pursue?

(45:20) – How have you become so skilled at raising capital?

(51:38) – The power of social media & Twitter

(59:43) – What do the next 5 years for FC look like?

(1:06:00) – How do you think about transitioning from building trust with non institutional capital to raising from institutional capital?

(1:09:42) – How has technology played a role in the success of Fort Capital?

(1:20:54) – What are 3 reasons investors should care about Class B Industrial in the Sun Belt?

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