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A Texas-based firm rooted in operational excellence.

Fort Capital was founded in 2005 as a Texas-based, privately-owned real estate investment firm. Over the years, Fort Capital has built a track record of acquiring more than $587M in assets throughout Texas including Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and El Paso. Our team is dedicated to acquiring and managing income-producing, institutional-quality Class B Industrial & Flex assets throughout the major Texas markets.

Our capabilities include investment, acquisition, asset management, and property management. We are dedicated to providing exceptional returns to our investors and stakeholders through a thoughtful approach to investing, financing, and operating prime Industrial, Commercial, and Urban Core real estate.

Track Record

A hardworking team, data-based investment decisions, and impeccable operation of our assets have driven our expedited growth.


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Current Investors


Our team strives to acquire and operate prime real estate assets that meet or exceed our investors’ expectations through our core competencies.

Our team strives to develop and acquire prime real estate assets that meet or exceed the highest investment criteria. We have worked tirelessly to develop iron-clad due diligence and research processes. To maximize investment opportunities, we have built relationships with leading brokerage firms, financial institutions, and private owners. We are driven by total transparency and continue to invest time and money into creating the greatest investor experience we could imagine and desire for ourselves. 

Putting our investors’ interests first is at the core of our investment management philosophy. As investors ourselves, we understand our investors’ needs, desires, and expectations. We know the amount of detail and level of professionalism required and expected. With a track record of making sound financial decisions at all stages of the asset management process, we remain focused on increasing investment value.

Fort Capital evaluates Industrial, Commercial, and Urban Core investment opportunities throughout Texas and surrounding states. We avoid decision rules that limit the investable landscape and employ an analytical underwriting approach focused on an investment’s ability to generate additional value and cash flow.

We have built a reputation for being a company that you can count on to execute and close.

Our close relationships with equity partners and lenders give us an advantage to move quickly and offer attractive terms to any seller. We make sure that all brokers in a transaction are protected – our goal is to become the first call any broker makes.

Bottom line, we do what we say we are going to do with integrity throughout the entire transaction process.

Our experienced Asset Management team evaluates each property based on the underlying asset values and risks associated with market improvements to unlock maximum value. With a track record of making sound financial decisions at all stages of the asset management process, we remain focused on increasing investment value for continuing and augmented returns.

Our Asset Management process is our cornerstone allowing us to drive ultimate value to our assets. Our process is embedded with proprietary technology and extreme accountability. Our assets are managed in real-time with a constant flow of data, which automates data collection and drives best-practice monitoring, analytics, valuation, and reporting.

Our Property Management team, FCP Management, takes a hands-on approach to property management to ensure our tenants receive the highest level of service. By managing our properties in-house, we are able to make better decisions on behalf of our investors by having first-hand knowledge of property operations.

We develop stronger relationships with our tenants and can aggregate data in order to identify operational efficiencies that benefit the tenant experience. In addition to offering superior service, we are able to simultaneously maximize a property’s cash flow and value. It’s a win-win for both our tenants and investors.


We operate as a team of high-caliber, multitalented individuals who thrive on utilizing technology to help source and execute the best investments possible.

Since our humble beginnings in 2005, we have sought to create a place that attracts the most talented individuals and provide an environment that inspires them to be their absolute best each and every day.

Our company culture is the defining attribute of Fort Capital, setting us apart from the rest. We have worked hard to build a team that values accountability, drive, agility, and resilience above anything else. We utilize the most forefront technology to give us real-time access to data and research. If that technology doesn’t exist, we build it. In a world that moves at a rapid pace, Fort Capital is committed to moving faster with a team that is forward-thinking.

While each member of our team brings a unique set of skills, a commonality we share is setting the bar high and never taking shortcuts. We aim for serious goals and hold ourselves accountable by taking actionable steps to achieve greatness. We push ourselves to learn, ask thought-provoking questions, and look beyond the norm to create unique ideas and solutions. This mentality and common drive are what make our company culture like no other.

At Fort Capital, our investments and operations are fueled by data and technology. We aren’t just early adopters of technology—we are creating those technologies. When we couldn’t find a product in the marketplace that would answer our data and operating needs, we built our own proprietary operating system.

Fort Operating System (F.O.S.) is the platform in which all internal business is conducted at Fort Capital. F.O.S. automatically collects and integrates all of our software systems and data sources into a single platform. Live data flows through our F.O.S. dashboards allowing employees access to real-time information—leading to faster and smarter decision-making.

Automated Data Collection

F.O.S. automates all data collection, a traditionally manual process, by evaluating a massive amount of information simultaneously. This increases our operational efficiency and decreases overhead costs. Our data also has a high level of accuracy since collection is automated and not done manually.

Proprietary Market Research

Using F.O.S.’s data aggregation capabilities, Fort Capital is able to instantly comb through property data, ownership records, entity structures, market data, demographic data, and more to pinpoint assets of value that lead to the best investment opportunities. This data also enables us to make advanced, predictive learnings based on historical data.

Superior Asset Performance

Our assets are managed in real-time using a constant flow of data. F.O.S. allows us to easily identify opportunities to optimize an asset’s performance compared to other properties in our portfolio and properties within that market through its performance score, which is based on a comprehensive evaluation list and multiple data points.

Higher Operational Frequency

All of our processes have been digitized into detailed checklists and automated reminders to ensure the highest level of accountability. F.O.S. facilitates the flow of all information through our business, replacing the need for internal emails, to-do lists, and checklists. All historical information, notes, or documents related to an asset are aggregated and accessible at any time.

The Fort Capital approach to every endeavor involves forward-thinking strategies that ensure we stay ahead of the curve. It starts with a drive to hire the best people who are motivated to think deeply about the world and its opportunities/risks. We strive to create meaningful relationships, source opportunities, and relentlessly execute on each investment, all while working together to create an environment that inspires us to do meaningful, innovative work.

We understand very clearly that the world is evolving at a rate that is almost incomprehensible and by anticipating this, we are better able to set ourselves up for success and take action wherever it is needed. The use of technology in our company allows us to utilize artificial intelligence in order to be adaptable and agile within the real estate and investment industry. We are intentional about taking the steps today that will position us to capitalize on the future.

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