The FORT Podcast: Nick Huber – Co-Founder of Bolt Storage – 0-34 self-storage properties in 4 years, Cancel Culture, Remote Labor, Sweaty Startups!

Nick Huber, Co-Founder of Bolt Storage, is back on The FORT Podcast to discuss what Nick’s learned after going from 0-34 self-storage properties, thoughts around cancel culture, why it exists, and how we might overcome it. On this episode, they also chat about how remote work is changing the workforce, Self Storage market updates, and why blue-collar labor (sweaty startups) offer some of the biggest opportunities in America. Enjoy!

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(03:03) – Nick’s Transformation Over the Past Few Years

(11:10) – Tailwinds in Self-storage

(15:12) – Storage Scenario: What’s your 30-day game plan after you buy a facility?

(18:11) – Nick’s Weekly Check-Ins

(19:06) – How do you source on-site vendors?

(19:56) – Nick’s Tenant Base & Thoughts on RV & Outdoor Storage

(22:28) – Have you had any major revelations during the last three years?

(30:47) – Creating Competitors

(41:05) – Is “community” the right way forward?

(43:39) – Nick’s Experience Wiith Cancel Culture & the Twitter Mob

(58:31) – The Ultimate Net Positive of Twitter

(1:02:11) – Re-thinking Blue-collar Work

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