The FORT Podcast: Shiloe Bear – Principal @ Creek Development – RE Development Lessons, Converting Industrial to Lab Space & Bay Area Market

As the founder of Creek Development, Shiloe has completed 63 commercial redevelopment projects and 5 land entitlement plays in the San Francisco Bay Area. Leveraging her deep construction expertise, she challenges project assumptions and incorporates impactful design to achieve remarkable outcomes for her clients and investors.

On this episode, Chris and Shiloe discuss:

– How Shiloe built Creek as an outsourced developer

– How Creek converts Industrial space for biotech labs

– A deep dive into the Bay Area RE market

– Why design is such an important aspect of development


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(00:04:37) Shiloe’s upbringing and journey to doing development in the Bay Area

(00:11:34) What are the projects you work on the most?

(00:14:03) Why is there such a demand for outsourced development?

(00:14:44) What makes your firm different?

(00:18:09) Tenants not paying rent

(00:19:49) Minimum Viable Projects

(00:24:27) How early in a project do you need to be brought in?

(00:27:48) What are some obvious parts of a project where you can save money?

(00:30:05) How would you describe the Bay Area market right now?

(00:35:48) Office to Residential

(00:39:48) What’s the environment like for Oakland?

(00:44:45) How Shiloe is planning to pivot her business into doing their own developments

(00:50:19) How important are the relationships you’ve developed in The Bay over the past 10 years?

(00:54:51) The BioTech market and development strategy

(01:02:19) Why design matters

(01:09:50) How far out are labs looking for space?

(01:11:02) Lenders, Leases, and hold periods

(01:13:48) Why did this become your niche?

(01:15:27) Shiloe’s bird-watching skills & long-distance running


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