The FORT Podcast: Stephen Bailey – Senior Managing Director @ JLL – DFW Industrial Market Update

Stephen Bailey, Senior Managing Director at JLL, joins Chris again to discuss the current state of capital markets and the ideal situation for sellers going to market – hint: Low WALT. They also dive into land prices, forwards, and cost to construct and how the demand continues to rise, despite the volatile market. Enjoy!

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(03:15) – The State of the Market Post-2022 and Where Stephen Sees the Opportunity

(07:15) – When did you start noticing volatility in the market?

(08:59) – How are capital flows reacting to this?

(12:03) – Are Lenders getting hesitant?

(14:40) – The State of the Capital Markets

(15:50) – How many buyers are shifting their focus to industrial from other assets?

(18:45) – What due diligence do you conduct on a buyer?

(20:23) – What Are Some Interesting Terms You’re Seeing in Leases

(23:17) – How is Texas performing compared to other hot markets?

(24:32) – Thoughts on Amazon

(27:17) – Thoughts on Large Industrial Tenants & Development

(33:09) – Land Prices

(34:49) – Construction & loan rates

(35:44) – Class B Industrial

(37:06) – Forwards

(38:04) – Thoughts on Industrial Outdoor Storage

(41:11) – What happens to debt when you get above a certain purchase price?

(42:39) – How Fort Capital is Applying What Stephen is Seeing

(54:29) – Final Thoughts

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