The FORT Podcast: Sean Breuner – Co-Founder & CEO of AvantStay – World Class Experiences and Management of Short Term Rentals

Sean’s been a real estate and technology entrepreneur for 15+ years. Having gone through the launch & sale of a number of early-stage companies, his newest endeavor at AvantStay has him focused on the intersection of hospitality, real estate, and tech to help redefine group travel.

On this episode, Sean discusses the Short Term Rental industry and how AvantStay helps both owners and renters overcome a variety of issues faced by other platforms like Airbnb. They also discuss how lenders underwrite deals for Short Term Rentals, how Sean thinks about the best markets for STR, the technology built behind the platform, and much more. Enjoy!

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(02:43) – Sean’s Career Leading Up to AvantStay and How the Organization Came to Be

(08:22) – For owners of real estate and those looking for a vacation, what’s AvantStay’s offer to them?

(14:48) – How do you help individuals decide what and where to buy?

(18:35) – What’s the breakdown between institutionally owned and individually owned homes under your banner?

(20:26) – How are lenders underwriting these deals?


(24:28) – What makes a great market for Short Term Rentals?

(29:27) – What’s the relationship between an individual homeowner and AvantStay?

(32:35) – What Do you Mean by Vertically Integrated and Horizontally Distributed and Describe The Tech That You’ve Built

(40:28) – What are things that home rentals can provide that hotels would never be able to match?

(45:19) – Do you have any data on short-term rentals with regards to Covid?

(52:48) –  What’s your plan for the next 3-5 years for the company?

(54:48) – Sean winning an Emmy on Staycation

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