The FORT Podcast: Abhijeet Dwivedi

Abhijeet Dwivedi is the CEO and Co-Founder of ZeroDown, the smartest way to buy a home in San Francisco. They discuss Abhijeet’s experience growing up in the education system in India, the influence of Paul Graham, life in a hyper-growth company and more.

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01:50 – What has happened in your life which led you to ZeroDown?
11:30 – Gratefulness is one of your most appealing traits. What has helped you adopt this mindset?
14:35 – How did you get into designing video games when you were younger?
20:20 – Were you exposed to these advanced topics at an early age or was this more your nature?
23:40 – What is the difference between education in India and the United States?
26:20 – How did you find the Paul Graham essays? What about them changed your life?
29:14 – What was it like working at such a fast growing company such as Zenefits?
34:03 – How do you prioritize goals in a hyper-growth company and gain buy in?
37:00 – What your experience as Head of Operations? What did you learn?
41:22 – Overview of ZeroDown  
54:10 – What are “loyalty points”? How do they incentivize customers to make their mortgage payments on time?
57:32 – Growth Hacking with Slack
1:03:57 – Is there anything that has shocked you about customers or business since starting ZeroDown?


Abhijeet is the co-founder and CEO at ZeroDown. Previously, he was the COO and CSO at Zenefits. Prior to Zenefits he was with McKinsey – where he advised clients on strategy in Tokyo, London, Singapore, New Delhi, and Washington DC. He holds a Masters in IT from University of Pennsylvania and Bachelors in Materials Engineering from IIT-Varanasi.

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