The FORT Podcast: Ryan Reeves

Ryan Reeves is the Founder and CEO of Investing City and is also the host of the Investing City podcast. They discuss the power of value investing, the world of an investor, the hype around cryptocurrency and more.

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01:46 – Ryan’s Background and Investing City
05:37 – Growth Investing vs. Value Investing
07:00 – How to Get Better at Utilizing Search Engines
09:25 – A Typical Day in the World of an Investor
13:53 – Is there a method to the madness when reading an S2 or a quarterly earnings report?
16:54 – Do you look at companies who hemorrhage cash differently in terms of the money they could make in the future?
19:30 – Is there a time horizon for how you look at things?
23:14 – How much time do you spend stress testing an idea as opposed to looking for new ones?
24:50 – Do you think Berkshire is set up for companies in the modern era?
29:30 – Ryan’s Research as a Service (RAS)
37:14 – Ryan’s Core Portfolio Policy
39:00 – How do you know when you “actually know something”?
41:27 – How do you get to know employees in the companies that you look to invest in?
45:08 – Are you a believer in the Bitcoin revolution?
50:38 – What are the biggest mistakes a novice investor makes?
53:07 – Books Influential on Ryan’s Journey


Ryan loves helping people crush the stock market. He has been investing rigorously in stocks since the age of 12 and he has numerous 10-bagger returns. He graduated Pepperdine in 3 years summa cum laude and has worked for the Motley Fool, Morgan Stanley, and two NYC hedge funds. He is also a top contributor on Seeking Alpha and Medium. He started Investing City to harness the power of community through the internet. Ryan also enjoys being outdoors, playing basketball, surfing and going to church.

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